Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Coming: "Way Of The Warrior"

    Just picked up off of eBay: Justice League America #101-102, which are the final parts I am missing for the "Way Of The Warrior" storyline which started in Guy Gardner: Warrior, and of course Volume 3 of Hawkman.  My friend Shawn Engel runs the Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner podcast Just One Of The Guys -- and if you are not listening to it, you really should be -- and he's just hit Zero Hour, which means that "Way Of The Warrior" will be coming soon enough.  I've never read this far in Volume 3, but once I get caught up on Earth 2, I am going to start making my way through the series.

    I heartily recommend Shawn's Just One Of The Guys podcast to anyone interested who came up in the 90s and has fond memories of that period.  Go check it out!


Mr P said...

I think I've read the first issue or two of that arc. I only recall that it had something to do with a trip to Thanagar with what I like to call the Underrated Justice League.

Luke said...

I'm going in totally blind... will be a new reading experience for me fersure!

Aelle3 said...

Its a wierd one. Hawkman seems to have a solid weapons arsenal rather than the shifting Nth metal one. I wonder if Johns is just going to ignore the solo title.

Luke said...

@Aelle, wouldn't surprise me in the least, since it is ending. And since Bennett took over on art, they have moved to more solid looking weapons altogether.

Nice avatar by the way!

Aelle3 said...

Thanks very much, Jesus Saiz draws a particularly good Doctor Fate. I wasn't a huge fan of the morphing weapons (or wings for that matter)so I'm pleased to see it being sidelined a bit.

Nice blog by the way.