Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tan Interior Art for Savage Hawkman #1

Thanks to Newsarama, we have our first peak at Philip Tan's interior art for The Savage Hawkman!  Definitely in line with his style which I was very fond of on Outsiders!

There's a second image, which is somewhat more mundane, which can be seen here.

Image: Savage Hawkman #1 interior art, 2011, Philip Tan.


Jon Q. Citizen said...

I love this artwork so far!! I was a little "iffy" on Tan after Green Lantern: Agent Orange....where Hal Jordan & Larfreeze looked awesome but everyone else was subpar....but Tan has shown so far that his work will be stellar on The Savage Hawkman!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I do have to say, that is beautiful. Whatever else about this book may leave me cold, the art is looking pretty darn impressive.