Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"New 52" Commercials

DC has released :30 second and 2:00 minute commercials for the upcoming "New 52" initiative (which I am going to be using in place of the groan-worthy "DCnU" (ugh) here and elsewhere).  The two commercials hype the upcoming relaunch of the line and give special attention to the "Big Three" plus Green Lantern.  But lesser characters make the cut too, especially in the longer one.  You can see the spots over at the Hero Complex blog of the Los Angeles Times.  

The short spot is going to air like a movie trailer in theaters.  Pretty nifty little bit of advertising in my opinion, but I want to see it on Prime Time, too!

No internal artwork of Hawkman, but the cover to Savage Hawkman #1 does appear in both spots.


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