Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Waiting In The Wings -- 08/10/2011

Well folks, once again there is nothing on the DC list of new releases this week which relate to Hawkman and Hawkgirl.  And frankly, looking over the list, there's nothing on here which I am even buying.  Maybe there's something to this reboot after all.

Not that the lack of buying interest is entirely bad mind you.  I am sure my bank account is happy about it.  I tend to go on spurts where something captures my interest and I buy a lot of stuff relating to it.  So shutting down my over-active enthusiasm is healthy for me.  One reason I like blogging (and podcasting) is that they are both extremely cheap, financially speaking.  I get a good ROI on them because I (generally) enjoy creating them and I don't pay anything to do it.

The fact of the matter is that the longer I spend in this hobby and involved with the online fan presence of this hobby, the less in common I have with my fellow hobbyists.  Again, it doesn't matter.  The impetus is on me to get what pleasure and enjoyment I will out of this hobby and let others do the same.

I'm really pontificating lately, huh?

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Juss said...

Yes, but I like what you're saying, as it largely echoes my own sentiments. I find myself dually surprised to find that first, though I believe I remain an enthusiast of the comics medium, there are few ongoing titles that retain my interest. And similar to my present moviegoing and TV experiences, I'm not really sure whether I'm jaded because I've seen everything that's being offered now, before, or simply that the present offerings really *aren't* as good as what was offered before. Second, I'm surprised to contemplate that, given the foregoing, and that I am an older, baby-boomer fan, I'm actually quite interested in what's coming in September and beyond.... because I certainly don't have much interest now.