Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hawkman to Pick Up After Brightest Day

Thanks to commenter Ryan, we have the following little tidbit from Bleeding Cool via the DC Retailer Summit:

...DCU Presents, Green Arrow and Hawkman are picking up where Brightest Day left off.  

Which is not surprising at all.  I would add Firestorm and Aquaman to that list, most likely, from what we have seen from the early information.  And as I said, its not surprising at all considering that Johns sketched all of these arcs out for the Brightest Day guys (and Krul wrote the BD stuff for Green Arrow).  Again, as I have said before, I wasn't sure about how to take Hawkman after the end of Brightest Day, I am glad that my initial concerns of "why did I buy Brightest Day?" are evidently baseless.

Also interesting to note:

Most of the released solicitation images for the DC Relaunch are not the covers for the first issue – so look forward to all those being announced soon as well.

Interesting!  Some of those more iconic images not being the covers to the #1s is a strange approach, but who knows?  Maybe the actual covers will be even more iconic.

Thanks again, Ryan!  


Juss said...

Not happy with this news. I thought the refresh/reset was a chance to clear out some old baggage, shake off some mold and cobwebs, and fly to new adventures. This now seems like the big two's old refrain of the same story, or type of story, but under a different banner. I was going to say "old wine in new bottles," but it's more like old wine in recycled bottles.

Naturally, I'll take Hawkman when and how I can get him, but in lieu of real change they're just giving us the ol' double-shuffle again; and to continue with another metaphor, with the "published 'iconic' images are not the real, FINAL images," I'll say that it seems like they're giving a little bit of dealing from the bottom of the deck.

Is this just more slavish following of Geoff Johns' vision for Hawkman-a vision that may, in this character's case, be misguided or outworn? I think they're missing an opportunity to be braver and bolder, and to shock us with a revitalized vision for Hawkman.

On the other hand, I jumped the gun and got worked up and enthusiastic with the first image and a little ad-copy; maybe this is just another tease, too.

Luke said...

The way I read the bit about the covers was that they were not the covers for the first issue, but were going to be used later on. So I am going to say that the Tan image of Hawkman is going to be close to how he is going to appear on the page.

It's a double edged sword. On the one hand, it is less of a chance to do brave, bold new things. But it also means that guys like me are not completely alienated after reading a 24 issue series to see how Hawkman was moving to a new status quo. So right now I am keeping an optimistic outlook on just getting good Hawkman stories.

The Irredeemable Shag said...

Nice to hear new covers could be on the way. That's a good idea for some of the promoted images.

Also, glad Hawkman is continuing on, rather than rebooting. I like this incarnation.

I'm guessing Aquaman is continuing as well, but Firestorm appears to be a reboot to me.

Thanks for the info!

The Irredeemable Shag