Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Waiting In The Wings -- 06/08/2011

Is there any Winged Wonder swag available today?  Let's find out!

Brightest Day Series 1 Hawkgirl Action Figure -- Seeing as I just got the DCUC Hawkgirl, I don't think I will be picking this one up any time soon.  Although I have to to ask the questions (as opposed to asking The Question): why the heck is "Series 1" of the Brightest Day toys only coming out now?  We've been seeing advertisements for these guys for a LONG time, and it's not like the Blackest Night toys which had endless Black Lantern variants to keep folks interested.  I mean, yes, there is the potential for White Lantern variants but are those going to sell nearly as well as Black Lanterns?  I doubt it.  Seems like DC should have gotten these to market during Brightest Day in order to maximize their exposure.  Still, at some point I will pick this figure up in order to increase the pathetic amount of Hawkgirl merch I own!

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