Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Acquired: DCUC Hawkgirl vs Gentleman Ghost

In all the Savage Hawkman and "DCnU" (ugh) news over the last few days, a personal item from me slipped through the cracks.

Picked up at Walmart for a cool $21 on clearance, I got the DCUC Hawkgirl versus Gentleman Ghost two-pack!  What I find amazing is that I found this set on clearance, yet never actually saw them for sale normally.  How does that work?  

In any event I have not had a chance to open them up, but for that price I was not going to pass them up.  Hawkgirl especially seems to go for Big Bucks (Big Bucks Big Bucks No Whammies STOP!) online.  Plus they both just look so darn cool!

1 comment:

Megara said...

SWEET!!!! That's awesome, you got a really good deal! I have Hawkgirl and Hawkman from that series, but need Gentleman Ghost still!