Monday, October 11, 2010

Watched: Smallville "Shield"

Title: Smallville, "Shield"
Original Airdate: October 1, 2010
Generation: Golden Age Carter

Summary: In Egypt, Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane arrives on an archeological dig, and is greeted by the site's chief, Carter Hall.  Carter and Lois get to talking about Clark, and his secret, and Carter begins to tell her about the need a hero has for a partner.  He tells her about his and Chayera's curse, and how they are destined to meet and fall in love, only to die over and over.  Carter then gives Lois a book containing the story of Khufu and Chayera, and while telling her about it, gets misty-eyes, imagining Lois to be his reincarnated love.  When he kisses her, however, he gets a slap for his effort.

The next day, Lois says that she didn't realize the book was an autobiography.  Carter apologizes for the night before and says that he realizes that he soon will move on from this life.  Later, Carter washes his face with water brought in by a local woman, and his mysteriously marked with the logo of the Suicide Squad.

Review: A nice surprise of a subplot, although when Lois ended up in North Africa at the end of the previous episode I figured there was a chance of a Hawk appearance.  I laughed when Lois called Carter a "real Indiana Jones," considering that is often cited as one of the benefits of this Generation of the character.  Shanks' portrayal of Carter is still spot on, and even though he ended up kissing Lois at least he didn't fall for her like every other hero seems to do on this show.  The cameo by Chayera/Shiera was nice too, although I hope we get more of her in the future, including in costume.

You can check out a pic of Michael Shanks as Carter Hall over at Kryptonsite.

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