Friday, October 1, 2010

Hawkman Sketch by "Kid Benicia"

Today's sketch comes from "Kid Benicia" from the Comic Geek Speak boards.  This was done for me as part of the "June Birthday Sketch Thread," where anyone with a June birthday could request a sketch.

All in all a nice little piece.  I like the dynamic motion, and the less is more approach to the torso and chest.  And you know I like art where Hawkman is wielding his mace!

Disclaimer: I do not own or have possession of this sketch.  It is being reposted from the cited website only.

Image: Hawkman sketch, 2010, "Kid Benicia", retrieved from The Comic Forums.


Diabolu Frank said...

More art blogging for you:

Luke said...

Those are both extremely cool sketches. I actually have featured them both!

Even if they have a hard time maintaining a monthly book, the Hawks have seemingly been popular subjects for artists to draw for a long, long time. Something about the juxtaposition of fantasy and superheroics, I imagine. Also, the weaponry!