Monday, May 24, 2010

Read: Brightest Day #2

Issue: Brightest Day #2
Title: "Nuclear Options"
Published Date: May 2010
Generation: Modern Carter, Modern Shiera
Retcon Status: In Continuity

Summary:  Above the jungles of Peru, Hawkman and Hawkgirl deposit the goons they battled last issue into their headquarters.  Upon examining the base, the Hawks find that Hath-Set has been watching them for generations.  Worse, he has made death masks of them throughout the ages, casting their dead faces to decorate his wall.  Hawkman rages furiously, smashing the masks, proclaiming that they will no longer let Hath-Set decide their destiny -- because the time has come to hunt him down and kill him.

Review: Well cripes!  Hath-Set just got even creepier!  This definitely expands upon the resurrection stuff which Johns (along with Goyer) spent a lot of time developing in Volume 4, which makes perfect sense.  I definitely pumped my fists to Hawkman's fury, and liked even more seeing Shiera put her hand on his shoulder to steady him.  Not much Hawk-stuff this time out, but this really has a lot of promise.

Image: Brightest Day #2, 2010, David Finch.


Airship Over Water said...

I wish these issues would focus a bit more on Hawkman, but I suppose he and Shiera are going to be getting their turn. Issue #0 was pretty balanced. Issue #1 was pretty focused on Aquaman and Mera. Issue #2 was pretty focused on Firestorm and Atom. Or at least that's the way I remember the issues -- lol.

Some of the later previews mention something about them in a "Hawkworld" -- or maybe I just imagined that.

Luke said...

There is a mention of "Hawkworld" in the upcoming solicitations, so no, you did not simply imagine it.

I too would like more focus on the Hawks, but I like all of the characters involved so I can deal with the rotating center spotlight.

#2 dealt primarily with the Martian Manhunter, I would say, and his conversation with Prof. Erdel's daughter.

Airship Over Water said...

Yeah, J'onn did have a big part in the most recent issue.

And I agree -- having the focus constantly changing is great. I always just find myself wanting one or two more pages with the Hawks.

Personally, I am glad that this series is focusing mostly on the "heroes" who have returned. I'm buying Generation Lost as well, but it's nice to not have the main Brightest Day title just focus in on the "good guys". At least it's played out that way thus far.

Luke said...

So far we have seen Captain Boomerang over in Flash, which is where I imagine his story will play out. Professor Zoom, well, from his timeline, Flash: Rebirth is his story after Brightest Day. Anyways I imagine his story will be in Flash, too.

Hawk & Dove are in Birds of Prey, but since I am not reading that title, I hope they get some more play in Brightest Day as well. Osiris, eh, he can stay over in Titans or wherever, as he's not really much of an interest for me. Same with Max Lord.

With a name like Brightest Day, this story should focus on the heroes, dangit!