Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Poll Results: What Hawkman Series Do You Want To See?

Well, the results from Being Carter Hall's first poll are in.  And yes, I meant to do this post a few weeks back.  Them's the breaks.  Anyways.  

So the question was what kind of Hawkman solo series would you readers like to see in the wake of Blackest Night.  The responses ran about what I thought they would, although there were some surprises in there as well.

32 pages, $2.99 -- 50%

I figured that this, the most likely choice, would win out in the end.  After all, this is what most fanboys and fangirls dream about right?  Their favorite hero "now in their own series!"  I think we may have a good shot at actually seeing this after Brightest Day wraps, but we have a long time before that happens, so patience is a virtue.
40 pages, $3.99, lead feature  -- 21%

A situation I personally would be happy with, the "co-featured" books at DC seem to be losing some momentum.  And the lastest round of solicitations have a couple of 32 page books at $3.99, so that's a bad sign.  But given the right backup I think this could be doable.
40 pages, $3.99, "The Atom And Hawkman" -- 17%

Hey, you got rid of that other Atom, so why not team Ray up with Carter and let the good times roll?  This would be cool but honestly, how long would this run?

I don't want to see a Hawkman series  -- 7%

Okay, I have to ask about this folks.  Really?  You don't want to see a Hawkman series but you take the time to read a Hawkman blog and vote in the poll?  It takes all kinds I guess but this just confuses the heck out of me!
48 pages, $4.99, anthology with other heroes -- 3%

This is one I hear bandied about on a board I frequent, and I always call "BS" on it.  Because the people who always clamor for anthologies pretty much never buy them when they get released!

40 pages, $3.99, backup ("co-feature") -- 0%

I thought this might get one vote... yeesh!  So people would rather Hawkman not have a feature at all than be a backup?!

Interesting results... and good feedback, which I appreciate.  I'll try to put up another poll this week and we can do this again!

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