Monday, May 3, 2010

Hawkman "Retro" Poster

We're taking a look at this very neat "Retro" poster representing the Winged Wonder himself.  The artist is one Michael Myers, and you can see the rest of the line, featuring lots of classic DC character, here.

I really like the almost art deco approach to this poster.  Taking the two far and away most iconic aspects of the character besides his wings is a nice choice.  It really has a sort of Darwyn Cooke, New Frontier asthetic which is just fine with me.  It's unfortunate that he cannot sell prints of these because I would totally buy this one to put on the wall.

Thanks to rob! over at The Aquaman Shrine for putting up the poster representing the King Of The Seas and putting me on track for this one!

Image: Hawkman Retro Poster, 2010, Michael Myers, image obtained from Behance Network.


Count Drunkula said...

I love this whole series of posters and this Hawkman is especially good.

rob! said...

I think this one is my favorite of the series.