Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Let's Be Friends Again" featuring Hawkman

Super-fun webcomic Let's Be Friends Again (which if you are not reading, I heartily suggest you start!) ran this amusing little comic last week.  As both a Hawkfan and a Republican, this made me laugh so hard that it warmed the cockles of my cold, shriveled, dead heart.

The smug look on Hawkman's face in the second panel totally sells this one!  Great work, guys!

Image: Let's Be Friends Again strip "Superman = Super Muslim?", Let's Be Friends Again, 2009, Curt Franklin and Chris Haley.


Dixon said...

Hilarious strip. And topical, too! I'm especially amused by that succinct identifying caption below Hawkman's mug. ("Hawkman: Reincarnated Egyptian.")

Anonymous said...

Haha, that was pretty funny. Can't trust those aliens...ohh, wait.....