Monday, August 24, 2009

DC Infinite Heroes 3-Pack: Hawkman and Thanagarian Warriors

While running errands on Saturday (and I'll be honest, since our son was born, weekends seem like one big errand), my wife and I ended up at Ross.  Being the comic nerd that I am, I knew to run back and check the toy department for deep-discounted action figures, and I was rewarded: DC Infinite Heroes 3-packs for $4.99!  Woo!  A little searching yielding my prize, the Hawkman and Wingmen (or "Thanagarian Warrior") set.

Upon opening (and yes, I decided to open these guys rather than the Showcase Presents Hawkman or DCUC Hawkman I still have sitting upstairs), one of the first things I noticed about these guys is that they have really big hands.  All three of them have these big skillet-like fists, which look like they are designed to snugly hold accessories.  Which is great, except for the fact that they don't have any accessories!  Doh!  At the 3-3/4" size, accessories are a must, and this is a big disappointment to me.

Beyond that, however, these are very nicely executed toys.  Hawkman is bulky and muscular, with large feet and large, nice looking wings.  His helmet is a little on the small side but very ornate and well-sculpted.  He has mostly standard "T-crotch" style articulation, and can achieve some cool poses thanks to those aforemented big feet.  Speaking of which, there is a nice design detail on his boots, with the yellow stripes terminating in little talons on his boottips, a nice touch.  His wing harness is clearly of the modern style, with little studs on it, and his belt has what look like little capsules hanging off of it -- it seems like they were supposed to be weapons but the feature was neutered.  Overall this is an imposing hero, big for his scale and easily standing over GI Joes and others at this size.  (I put him next to my classic Nemesis Enforcer just for the wings gag.)

The two Wingmen are pretty good sculpts as well.  They somewhat resemble the Wingmen we saw in Rann-Thanagar Holy War, but are different enough to be something of an original design.  I managed to find one where the wings, made of soft plastic, were not bent, but be careful to look for that if you see these in the stoes.  Coloring wise they look appropriately Thanagarian, although the brown and gold bands painted onto their bare arms look a little cheesy.  Unfortunately, they are more prone to Fall Over than Hawkman since they do not share his stance nor shoe-size.  Still, for an Army Builder style toy I can't complain -- for this price I would have bought just Hawkman so these guys are like gravy.

Overall, I'm a bummed about the lack of accessories.  Now I need to start hunting cheap toys to find a mace for Hawkman and some sci-fi blasters for the Wingmen.  But otherwise, especially for five bucks, this is a very cool set worth picking up.  I don't know if I would have been as happy with them if I had paid full price, but at the discounted rate you can't go wrong.  I am a fan of the scale and hopefully we will continue to see more of this size toy from DC in the future.

Now, I just need to pick up an Adam Strange and I can start getting down to business...

Image: DC Infinite Heroes Hawkman and Thanagrian Warriors, image obtained from

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