Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Brave And The Bold #34 House Ad

I came across this house ad for The Brave And The Bold #34 over at Dial B For Blog, which, unfortunately, is no longer updated.  But it remains a tremendous source for all sorts of amazing information and images, as demonstrated here.

What drew me to this ad, besides the fact that it featured Hawkman and Hawkgirl, was the question motif, which I had previously seen on the house ad for Showcase #101.  It's funny to me that about half of the copy stays the same, although at least by the time the Showcase issue had rolled around, Hawkman was considered a "hero" and no longer a "creature."  Also funny is that the earlier ad uses "Where" and the latter uses "How," despite the fact that "How" would have worked just as well in the first case.  

The "Why" copy is unchanged, and uses my favorite Silver Age Hawkman blurb to good effect.  

A very cool ad from an era when such things were much more commonplace.

Image: The Brave And The Bold #34 House Ad, 1961, Joe Kubert (cover art), obtained from Dial B For Blog.

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I love these.

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