Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Image: Super Powers Catalog

I got this image from rob! of The Aquaman Shrine fame.  Sorry it's a little small, but even at this small size it's still pretty cool.  It's fun to see everyone with their accessories -- a rarity, as most of us lost our accessories over the years.  Although, I am proud to say that my Super Powers Hawkman is still complete!

Image: Super Powers Catalog pages, ???, obtained from Rob Kelly.


Diabolu Frank said...

My brother lost all my Super Powers figures at juvie camp. I only own an incomplete Martian Manhunter I bought from a tardy Canadian.

Skyhawke said...

I remember playing with these in grade school with my classmates.

Luke said...

My brother and I had most of the first two waves, which are in my possession now. Actually, Hawkman's mace is a rarity in that it isn't lost -- most everything else that is not attached to the toys is!