Thursday, May 28, 2009

Waiting In The Wings -- 5/28/2009

Is there any Hawk-related stuff at your local comic shop this week?  Let's find out!

Justice League of America #33 -- Is Kendra even in this book anymore?  Can anyone tell me?  I think Shadow-Thief might factor in, at least.

Justice Society of America #27 -- Not sure if Hawkman will pop up in this arc or not.  Oy.

Trinity #52 -- The final issue, I don't know if Hawkman will show up in there or not.  At least I don't have to list this one anymore!

Trinity v.1 -- Ah ha!  I am certain that Hawkman appears in this volume, the first collection of Trinity!  I want this one, but cannot justify the price right now, yeesh!


Skyhawke said...

From what I can gather from talking to a couple of creators at conventions and interviews on the internet, right now Hawkman/Hawkgirl are in the political editor arena.

If I were to specualate, I think Geoff Johns or some editor rescued them Final Crisis deaths and are holding on to them right now. Jim Starlin did have plans for Hawkman obviously but either the Hawkman Special was not well recieved and/or Grant Morrison killing the Hawks in Final Crisis destroyed those plans.

I know when I talked to Kurt Busiek about how I like what he was doing with the character in Trinity, he remarked that he was amazed he was even allowed to use the character since no one else was allowed to.

So to answer your question. No, Kendra is no longer in the JLA right now. And highly unlikely Hawkman will be in JSA either. I think we will have to wait and see what happens with the Hawks in Blackest Night before their future becomes clear again.

Luke said...

If the Hawkman Special is on the outs now (which is supported by Strange Adventures), I'd chalk it up to the former rather than the latter, as the Special actually does seemingly foreshadow events in Final Crisis (Hawkman dying in an inferno) and potentially Blackest Night (Kendra as a Black Lantern).

It seems that your speculation about Geoff Johns is correct, considering the Hawks appearance in Blackest Night #0 as well as their promised appearance in the series proper.

Honestly, I was very excited by the Special and a potential return of Katar Hol. There's a pretty elegant way to get Katar Hol on New Earth and Carter Hall on Earth 2, giving Starlin and Johns each a Hawkman to play with, but that's mere fanboy speculation.

Maybe this is all karma for being spoiled by having a long-running Hawk series earlier in the decade.