Monday, November 17, 2008

Justice League Unlimited Hawkman

Adama, who of course runs the finest Green Arrow blog on all the intarweb, Dispatches From The Arrowcave, picked up this Hawkman toy for me down in his hunts in Atlanta.  And I am glad he did, as this figure has been completely impossible to find up here.  Needless to say this act of selflessness is what earned Adama his Honor Wings.

The figure itself is very nice.  The Bruce Timm-esque proportions don't always work on all characters when translated to three dimensions, but for Hawkman, the barrel chest and trim waist are spot-on.  You can practically hear James Remar's voice coming out of this guy.  The helmet is the classic design, as used on the television show, and the colors are perfect.  His mace accessory is nice, echoing the similar weapon included with the old Super Powers toy (oddly, since Hawkgirl used the mace exclusively on the show, Hawkman was never shown to use this weapon on Justice League Unlimited!).  His wings give the character a nice heft and have the added benefit of acting as a sort of counter-weight.  I had Hawkman standing on an end table in my living room all weekend and he only fell over three times, which is quite amazing if you know these figures.  Still, I may have to invest in a stand for him.  

The main gripe I have about the toy is his wing harness.  Not his wings, which although they are static look quite sleek and eye-pleasing, but the harness itself.  Since the nature of the Justice League line is to reuse as much as possible -- fitting, considering the similar build of most of the characters as designed by Timm and company -- his harness and Nth metal chestpiece are painted on rather than sculpted.    Add to that fact that the chestpiece itself is a little too big, and it's kinda disappointing.  But, given that it is still a Hawkman toy in the form of his very cool DCAU character model, I cannot complain too loudly.  If you can find him, I recommend him.  Now Mattel needs to get busy with Gentleman Ghost and Shadow-Thief!

Image: Justice League Unlimited Hawkman, retreived from unknown.  

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