Monday, November 10, 2008

Image: Jack Kirby's Hawkman

Today we have this very interesting piece provided by Rick, of Comic Book Letterheads, Plastic-Man Platitudes, Let's Rap With Cap, and Mail It To Team-Up fame (whew!).  According to Rick, this Jack Kirby Hawkman piece was done as a part of a proposed Hawkman cartoon series which never saw the light of day.  How far along this proposal got, what network it was for, and so forth, I do not know.  But seeing Jack Kirby's rendition of a character so atypical for him is a real treat for me, a fan of his work in general.  A Kirby Hawkman no doubt would have been a very powerful, imposing figure.  I especially like the stoic look on his face in this piece.

A very big thumbs-up to Rick, who has been gifted with the Honor Wings for finding such a worthy contribution to the blog!  Do you have something Hawk related?  Send it along and you too can earn your Honor Wings!


Dixon said...

Wow! That's a beautiful piece. It's always a joy to see Kirby's interpretation of an iconic character.

Anonymous said...

Man, Kirby's Hawkman...too awesome! Man, a Hawkman cartoon series...they did have those random episodes of the Superman/Aquaman power hour, but a real tv series would be incredible. I'd love to see one done by Bruce Timm (not in continuity with JLU, so that we could get classic Katar and Shayera), where they took on their Rogues gallery, had intergalactic would be incredible.

Diabolu Frank said...

I agree. Pretty darn cool.