Thursday, October 16, 2008

Upcoming: DC Infinite Heroes Hawkman Three-Pack

This three-pack from Mattel's 3 3/4" "Infinite Heroes" collection, features a modern Hawkman along with a pair of Thanagarian Wingmen to back him up.  This inclusion of "Army builder" type figures is not new to the line: a currently available three-pack features Commissioner Gordeon and a pair of GCPD officers.  I do think it is interesting that they went with the modern Hawkman look, complete with the weapon-festooned belt, instead of the Hawkworld-era costume.  But then again, that was a long time ago, and maybe I should just let it go, huh?  

Of course, they could have also gone with a true "Hawkman" three-pack, with Golden Age Carter wearing the mask instead of the helmet, Modern Carter, and Hawkworld Katar, but now I am just pipe-dreaming again.

I have not yet seen this set in stores, but I plan to buy it, if only because how many other chances will I have to get some Wingmen toys?!  Probably not too many I imagine!

Image: Infinite Heroes Hawkman and Wingmen, retrieved from Joe


Anonymous said...

Holy crap, these look really cool.

Although the bulgy little muscles are kind of awkward.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Hawkman plus Wingmen, that's fairly awesome! It is good to see DC keeping up their actual playable toy line, although they really need a good tv series to promote it. Marvel is just beating the pants off of them in just about every way imaginable.

Luke said...

grey -- For a long while DC had the upper hand on the TV front, and I think they will get a shot in the arm with the new Batman: The Brave And The Bold series. Of course, that show has one glaring problem: No Hawkman!

ant-man -- They look pretty cool in the person (the other toys in the line that is), and Hawkman being bulging is I guess just the style guide at this point. I do like that they are small enough to display easily, an important consideration when your "nerd space" is fairly limited!

Diabolu Frank said...

Those Wingmen are... ew.

Genjoke said...

I am also hopping they release a Carter Hal version!