Thursday, October 2, 2008

Image: Hawkman Hero File by Mike Parobeck

Today we have some very nifty Mike Parobeck artwork for you, thanks to rob! of Aquaman Shrine fame, as well as numerous other nifty comic book blogs, including his comic magazine project, All In Black And White For 75 Cents.  

These "Hero File" pages come from Superman And Batman Magazine #5, dated Summer 94.  Parobeck's depiction of the Hawkworld-and-later Katar looks striking, and I imagine this interpretation of the character would have looked pretty sharp animated on the small screen as well.

A big thanks to rob!, the first recepient of the Honor Wings titles for contributing something to my humble Hawk blog!  Do you have something Hawk related?  Send it along and you too can earn your Honor Wings!


Adama said...

Hey, I got you your stupid Hawkman action figure! :)

rob! said...

Honor Wings--i like it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Honor Wings is perfect! I like the little section about Hawkman's villains. Like Aquaman, his Rogue's Gallery doesn't get enough attention.

Luke said...

Yes, Adama, and once it's in my hands you will get your Honor Wings, too! :)

I'm going to start doing the ubiquitious villian profiles eventually... but I want to read a bit more first.

Anonymous said...

If you need any help, this site might be of service. I use it for my own projects:

It provides a list (which was very useful to me in-and-of itself), a good picture, and a short description of powers and history.