Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Image: Superman And Batman Magazine Hawkman Strip

Another batch of awesome Hawkman artwork, once more courtesy of Honor Wings recepient rob! (whom you can check out at The Aquaman Shrine, and lotsa other quality comic book blogs) from Superman And Batman Magazine #5.  Our story is written by Phil Kupperberg, with art chores handled by Rick Burchett.  It's a fun story, the basic bones of which would not have been out of place as a Bronze Age backup tale or what-have-you.  Hawkman musing on the nature of the Declaration of Independence versus the strict totaltarian rule on Thanagar is a good hook for this version of the character.  The art does a good job of emulating the "Adventures" animated look, and the Hawkworld Hawkman once more looks pretty dang cool in this style.  

I like that Hawkman switches from high-minded intellectual concerns about freedom and liberty to calling out punks and smashing their faces in so easily.  That's how we roll... Thanagarian Style!

Yeaaaah boyeee!


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Diabolu Frank said...

Will do! I liked that story when I read it back in the day. It did a good job of representing who Katar Hol was under John Ostrander. Wasn't there a Hawkman fact page or cut-out mobile or something in that issue as well?

Luke said...

Indeed, there was a Hero File on Hawkman in the same issue, which you can see here.