Thursday, January 15, 2015

Convergence: Hawkman #1 Cover Revealed

Well, after the Flashpoint Hawks revelation in yesterday's post, we get more Hawkman and Hawkwoman in Convergence today, as the cover to Convergence: Hawkman #1 is revealed!  From Newsarama:

Written by JEFF PARKER
Variant cover designed by CHIP KIDD
On sale APRIL 22 • 32 pg, FC, 1 of 2, $3.99 US • RATED T
STARRING HEROES FROM CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS! Hawkman and Hawkgirl put their Shadow War on hold as they face the might of anthropomorphic rat-men and bat-men in the deadly land of Kamandi!

Alright: The Albuquerque cover is fantastic!  Our Pinnioned Powerhouses look resplendant in their Pre-Crisis glory, with Hawkman looking every bit the warrior from another planet, and Hawkwoman (they call her "Hawkgirl," but if this is Shadow War era, Shay is Hawkwoman by this point) looking suitably sleek and powerful.  I especially like the glare in Katar's eyes and the contrast of Shayera's mask hiding her expression.  The "Gotham City" sign coupled with the solicit suggests to me that this will take place in the ruined remains of the city, but who knows?

The Variant cover is "designed" by Chip Kidd; appropriate, as Kidd is best known as a graphic designer more than "artist" in the traditional comics sense.  I will reserve judgement until I see it, but fair warning, it's going to have to be pretty spectacular to beat that Albuquerque cover.

The rest of the solicit is the same as was previously released, but I am no less excited for it.  

As more of these solicits are revealed, I am getting more and more excited for Convergence.  Looks like DC readers should be in for a treat of a throwdown.

Image: Convergence: Hawkman #1, 2015, Rafael Albuquerque.  


Anonymous said...

Ohh man, that is a beautiful cover! Silver Age Hawkman is making an all-too brief return? Man, I am THERE!

Douglashawk said...

I am super excited about this! I've been wanting for many, many years! The Hawkgirl moniker is crap since she was definitely Hawkwoman at the time. Oh well, I'll take whatever Silver Age Hawks I can get!

Luke said...

I share you guys' enthusiasm... wish it could be more than 2 months, but I'll take 2 months of classic Hawk action, gladly.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree Luke! You know what this whole thing has me thinking about, though? I keep thinking, 'clearly there is a big market for classic versions of these characters, so why not start a non-continuity book to take advantage of that?'

It would be amazing to get a Bronze Age, Satellite Era JLA book, or even better, just a rotating cast anthology series, like Marvel Adventures Superheroes from some years back. I would buy the HECK out of that.

Luke said...

@brentongrey, DC has seemingly had some success with their non-continuity "digital first" books like Batman '66, Smallville, Sensation Comics, etc. I would love to see a "digital first" JLA anthology which would be exactly like you described. Just get creators to tell one-off stories in the digital format, then collect enough of them to make a comic and put them into print after. I'd buy that.

Anonymous said...

Good point, Luke! I hadn't thought about the digital angle, but that would be perfect. That would make the risk to DC much smaller for such an undertaking.