Thursday, September 15, 2011

Waiting In The Wings -- 09/15/2011

Well, we're still waiting on Savage Hawkman #1, so once more it's time to look at the REST of the DC New 52 titles!

Batman And Robin #1 -- The dynamic with Bruce and Damien should be interesting, but I'm no Batman reader.  Pass.

Batwoman #1 -- I read the first issue of her last series, with the same team I think, and didn't care for it.  Glad to see she is starring in her own title still, though.  Pass.

Deathstroke #1 -- It's like Zero Hour all over again!  Pass.

Demon Knights #1 -- DC is calling this a "sword and sorcerty" title; I'll believe that when I see it.  Pass.

Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE #1 -- This is one of those concepts which one would think would appeal to me but does not.  Pass.

Green Lantern #1 -- Well, I wasn't reading it before.  And evidently this is simply a continuation of that stuff.  Pass.

Grifter #1 -- Just... pass.

Legion Lost #1 -- No interest whatsoever in the Legion, let alone them getting two monthlies still.  Pass.

Mister Terrific #1 -- Not a bad setup but while I like Mr. Terrific, there are other JSAers I would rather have seen in this slot.  Pass.

Red Lanterns #1 -- This title is aimed at a very specific market.  I am not it.  Pass.

Resurrection Man #1 -- I guess I should have seen this one coming after his cameo in Brightest Day.  Pass.

Suicide Squad #1 -- I don't see this lasting very long.  Pass.

Superboy #1 -- More of the "reimagining" of the Superman family which falls on my deaf ears.  I just finished reading The Death And Life of Superman by Roger Stern.  That's Superboy.  Pass.

Yup, not interested in a single book this week!  Yikes!


Donald D said...

I caved in with Red Lanterns (my first DCNu title), but simply because I am a sucker for Ed Benes art and am mildly intrigued.

I'll probably only give it 3 issues max to get me interested.

Still waiting for Hawkman and Aquaman (the only titles I have on my "pull list")

Luke said...

@Donald, next week I will probably head to the shop to grab a title or two which I did not preorder. It's hard to resist all these #1s at once!

Juss said...

I'm surprised (and guiltily, a little pleased) to find that your "passes" and assessments of each title pretty much mirrors my own responses. For "Superboy," for some reason, I sort of liked the boy-in-a-vat image that's been shown, and thought that if he were presented, Data-like, as a naive innocent, half-boy, half-machine, that I might actually be interested. But I don't think that's the way they'll go with him. And "Frankenstein"–"frankly," so to speak–I want him to be DC's Hellboy. But nothing about the setup I've seen–particularly his silly monster squad–attracts me.

Jon Q. Citizen said...

Loved Deathstroke....and hope that The Savage Hawkman is similar in style.

Loved Red Lanterns....but I love all things Lantern, so what would you expect?

Mister Terrific was o.k. and I'm glad that someone in the JSA has a title....but I'm one & done.

Luke said...

@Joseph, I don't understand what is going on with the Superman Family in general. Supergirl as a human-hating cold Kryptonian? It's as if they looked at everything that worked from Gates' time on the title and decided to scrap all of it. And I have a strong feeling that Superboy is going to be a rageaholic, sadly.

I want to like DC's Frankenstein just because of how much I love monsters. But it's a little out there for me, apparently.

@Jon, glad to hear you dug Deathstroke and Red Lanterns. Deathstroke is one of the few villains whom I think can work as a monthly star so more power to him. I do wonder how the Red Lanterns are going to work as an ongoing series, though.

If money was no object I might have picked up Mister Terrific. But of course, it is an object, so no dice.