Monday, September 26, 2011

Savage Hawkman #1 Preview

It's coming!  In just two days The Savage Hawkman #1 will be on comic shop shelves all over the country!  And we now have the first preview of the book courtesy of UGO!

I have NOT read this preview and I will not; I try not to read previews for books I am buying, especially ones which I have been anticipating as much as this one.  So please keep that in mind if you make any comments.

Of course, I will have to wait a few days beyond that to read the issue as I will have to wait on my shipment from  I am seriously considering not ordering this title mail order just so I can get it faster.  Stay tuned.

Image: The Savage Hawkman #1, 2011, Philip Tan.


Juss said...

Well, hmm...who knew!? Interesting, very interesting. Images and iconography of the Phoenix, alchemy, death and life-from-death––bear these in mind as you view and read.

From what I can infer from the pages, this really is a soft reboot, resetting the character for the future but not negating the past.

The art is not as sharp and breathtaking as I'd supposed and hoped, but it is serviceable and may grow on me.

Mr P said...

Man, it's like seeing a Christmas present where one corner is starting to come unwrapped. Do you peek or do you let it be a surprise?

Since I already know I'll be getting the Savage Hawkman, I think that I'll avoid the preview as well.

But it is tempting...

Luke said...

It 's like that song by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers: The waitin' is the hardest part.