Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Waiting In The Wings -- 09/21/2011

We have to wait one more week for The Savage Hawkman #1, which means once more than yours truly will be running through the New 52 titles for this week!

Batman #1 -- Scott Snyder is handling the writing chores on this book, and thanks to the Batman Minimum Appreciation Index, I have a mild interest in checking this out.  Mildly Interested.

Birds of Prey #1 -- Katana has had some bad costumes in her day, but this one takes the cake.  Pass.

Blue Beetle #1 -- Jaime is a good character but this is not my scene.  Pass.

Catpain Atom #1 -- Eh.  Not feeling it.  Pass.

Catwoman #1 -- I am glad to see Selina have her own title in the New 52.  But that doesn't mean I am buying it.  Pass.

DC Universe Presents #1 -- I like anthologies, and I like secondary characters, and I dug Boston Brand in both Wednesday Comics (remember that?) and Brightest Day, so this one has my attention.  Want to Read.

Green Lantern Corps #1 -- Like the other GL titles, I was not reading these titles beforehand so I have little interest in reading them now.  Pass.

Legion of Superheroes #1 -- Not doing anything for me.  Pass.

Nightwing #1 -- Isn't this something of a backwards move for Dick Grayson?  I am sure his fans don't mind too much though.  Especially his fans of the, ahem, female persuasion.  Pass.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 -- The most irritating of all the New 52 to me, because this is the title which is replacing Outsiders.  Right down to the format of the title, this is the book which is taking the place of a title which I liked a LOT before this reboot.  And to make things worse, it's got a cast of characters I do not want to read.  Pass.

Supergirl #1 -- I started to really like Supergirl while I was reading the "New Krypton" epic.  This series apparently jettisons all of the stuff I liked.  Pass.

Wonder Woman #1 -- I can't explain my attraction to Wonder Woman (oh not that type of "attraction" and you know it) but the chance to get in on the ground floor with her is very intriguing to me.  And Cliff Chiang's artwork looks fantastic.  Want to Read.

Still fairly slim but more books than last week, anyway!


Showcase Presents: All-Star Comics v.1 -- Reprinting All-Star Comics #58-74 and Adventure Comics #461-466, these Bronze Age stories feature the Earth-2 Justice Society of America, including Hawkman and Hawkgirl.  The Hawks don't feature in every story but Carter does rate the cover.  If you are interested in hearing about the Justice Society of America, I recommend the Tales of the JSA podcast from the Two True Freaks! network.


Count Drunkula said...

I'm really looking forward to WONDER WOMAN this week. She's one of my favorite characters and I hope Azzarello and Chiang do something magical with her.

Only one more week 'til HAWKMAN, Luke!

Juss said...

I'm online for Captain Atom, whom I've been a fan of since Charlton days-which I think, along with certain other posters on the DC "CA" forum, were his best and truest iteration. Each time I see Capt. Adam again, I hope to see the old rock 'em, sock 'em, two-fisted commie and hidden-alien menace fighter of those early, lowering cold war days. Naturally, I've always been disappointed... but still, I'll give this new start a try or two.

I'm with you on Wonder Woman. The character per se has always appealed to me. But somewhat as Brian Azzarello says in his CBR interview today, I haven't enjoyed prior presentations of her.

There are exceptions: New Frontier, Kingdom Come. So we will see.

And not that *anyone* wants or cares to know, but–pants.

Luke said...

Wonder Woman is the top of my "stack" (which consists of it and DCU Presents) right now, so I will definitely share thoughts on it after reading!

@Joseph, I would love a return to a more simpler time for Captain Atom. Nut it seems to me that this new take on him is sort of a Dr. Manhattan take moreso than anything else.

Count Drunkula said...

I've read five this week so far. WONDER WOMAN was very, very cool. Not perfect, but I see greatness in the future where this story is going. Plus, I tweeted Cliff Chiang about the awesomeness of his art and he replied, so double awesome to that!

CATWOMAN was better than I expected. Judd Winick is a polarizing writer for a lot of people, and this book will be no exception. Readers will either love this book for the last four pages or they will absolutely hate it for the last four pages.

NIGHTWING was decent. Intriguing enough that I'll give it another month. Same with BIRDS OF PREY. I didn't think anyone other than Gail Simone could write this book, and in truth it is a very, very different kind of BoP. Not bad... I'm cautiously optimistic. I'll give it one more month.

As for BATMAN... Wow! I'm a Batman fan, but I'm disappointed as often as I'm appeased. I didn't care for the new Detective Comics and I hated Batman & Robin #1. But this BATMAN #1... It might be my favorite single issue of a Batman comic ever. Not the best story, but best overall issue. The art is incredible and perfect for the tone. The beats, dialogue, action and characterization are pitch perfect. There are a lot of Batman related books out. If you can afford to pick up one, make it this one! (Or Batwoman.)