Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hawkman Magnet From Ataboy

Thanks to Shag (who bears the Honor Wings), we have a look at the Hawkman magnet from Ata-boy!

I wasn't sure if you'd seen these new magnets from ata-boy.  They were solicited as a Brightest Day magnet set, but in several cases they used old costumes.  I picked up the Firestorm magnet at my local comic shop.

Well, it's not exactly a Brightest Day rendition of Hawkman, but a Murphy Anderson (I think...) Hawkman magnet is still a worthwhile investment in my book.  I like the very traditional, classic Silver Age look the Winged Wonder is sporting here.  I mean, look at the build, the slim wings, and the chain mace.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is Katar Hol right here!

Come back later and get a peek at the Hawkgirl magnet from the same set!

Image: Hawkman magnet, 2010, image retrieved from Ataboy.com


Diabolu Frank said...

Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, and hey, didja get my email?

Luke said...

I can see it as JLGL, and yes, I did.