Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Comic Reader #180

I have never read an issue of Comic Reader, although I have occasionally seen an issue here or there in a back issue bin.  If I ever come across this issue, I'll buy it just for the cover.  We have a very Silver Age style cover with the Winged Wonder and Adam Strange being pursued by an alien vessel.  Definitely brings back memories of the adventures those two, along with their super-hot and super-tough wives, had back in the day.  Makes me nostalgic!

Image: Comic Reader #180, 1980, ????.  


Diabolu Frank said...

What a weird coincidence! I had a Comic Reader Martian Manhunter back cover post originally scheduled for today, but it got pushed back to Thursday when Tom Hartley sent me a second "Archive Edition" post for this week.

Luke said...

It was your Comic Buyers Guide post which inspired me to post this in the first place!