Monday, November 15, 2010

Hawklad To Appear in Superboy

This image, provided to yours truly by the always resourceful Shag, is from Superboy #1, written by Jeff Lemire and with art by Pier Gallo.  On the last page of the issue we get these teaser images, including that Thanagarian looking chum in the bottom panel.

According to an interview with Lemire over at The Superman Homepage, the character is named Hawklad and is part of a group named (as is evident here) The New Titans.

And as for the mysterious "New Titans" I won't tell you what their story is yet, but the characters are as follows: Hawklad, Negative Lad, Elongated-Lass and The Bat-Man. Oh and one of them is Tim Drake!

Who is Hawklad?  Hawkman was never represented in the Teen Titans traditionally (and no, Golden Eagle doesn't count) because Hawkgirl held the dual position of love interest and sidekick.  But with the seeming re-emergence of Thanagar in titles as varied as Rann-Thanagar War (and Holy War), World of New Krypton, and Brightest Day, now seems as good a time as any to introduce a young Thanagarian Wingman to adventure on Earth.  Of course, I doubt it will be that easy, but should be fun reading if nothing else.

Image: Teaser page from Superboy #1, 2010, Pier Gallo.


Airship Over Water said...

Wow -- this definitely got me excited. And one of them is Tim Drake?

I'm probably just overthinking a very simple (alternate reality) storyline or something, but would Tim really take up a new mantle this quickly? I know people have felt uncomfortable about him being Red Robin, but being "The Bat-Man" or "Hawklad" would be...well...a curveball.

Either way, this is definitely going to be cool. I love Lemire and I've loved his stuff on Sweet Tooth and the Atom, and the first issue of Superboy was really fun. I don't think he's going to let me down.

I just hope this new "Hawklad" turns out to be a character that might stick around -- at least I think that's what I want.

Luke said...

I have not read much at all of Jeff Lemire's stuff, but I have heard good things (not that such endorsement of the Internet is a sure translation of success for me). I too assume that this will be an alternate reality story of some kind, but if for no other reason than increased awareness of the Hawk mythos (ala Miss Martian and the Manhunter), I'd like to see a Hawklad stick around for a while.