Tuesday, March 23, 2010

BN Hawkgirl Toy Solicited

From DC's June solicitations:

Included in this sixth installment of the series are Hal Jordan, the personification of the Green Lantern Corps; Wonder Woman, who finds the power of love and joins the ranks of the Star Sapphires; Hawkgirl, who was one of the first heroes to lose her life to the dark power of the Black Lanterns; and The Flash, who couples the power of the blue ring with his trademark speed to carry the message of hope to all.

Looks cool!  Kendra does look like she needs to eat a bit more, but that's how she is rendered in Blackest Night so I can't complain.

Image: Blackest Night Hawkgirl toy, 2010, image retrieved from Newsarama.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, I've been gone for a long time, but I return bearing gifts:


Diabolu Frank said...

Ah. There it is. Never mind.