Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hawkman Turnaround Jose Luis Lopez-Garcia

Came across this awesome turnaround for the Winged Wonder, and man, how nice does this look?  Jose Luis Lopez-Garcia's DC stuff pretty much defines the "iconic" look of the DCU for me, mostly because of licensing stuff such as this.  He has never worked on Hawkman for any real comics work, which would be a total dream come true for me.

I really like the use of the hybrid chain-mace here, which combines the chain mace from the very early Silver Age with the more traditional morningstar handle.  The cosmic background of the middle image suggests that this is Katar Hol, which follows.  JLLG's style of trim muscularity is put to good use on Hawkman.  He definitely looks solidly built here, as he should.  I mean, he's Hawkman!  The helmet and wing harness are spot on, no complaints here.

Seriously, I wish this was colored.  Anyone out there seen that image?!

Image: Hawkman turnaround, ????, Jose Luis Lopez-Garcia, image retrieved from Collectingfool.com

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