Monday, March 15, 2010

Custom Black Lantern Hawkman

We are getting an official Black Lantern Hawkman from DC Direct this summer, but why wait when we can check out this cool custom figure right now?!  

Created by StEvOtoys, this custom takes the DCUC Hawkman (which I still, uh, need to open up at some point... Madballs are easier, I guess), and transforms him into the zombified version.  I like the wings getting their skeletal look like in the mini, and the toothy grin, while a little silly, certainly looks nasty.  The addition of the new chestpiece is a little sloppy but not bad.  All in all it's a good custom job and a good use of an existing figure to make something unique.  You can see more pictures here.

Thanks to Diabolu Frank over at The Idol-Head for hooking me up with this link!

(Appropriately, I am listening to the Gravediggaz as I write this post...)

Image: Custom Black Lantern Hawkman, 2010, image retrieved from FigureRealm.


Diabolu Frank said...

Three words: Black Lantern Hawkgirl.
Two more words: Missed opportunity.

Luke said...

I think DCD is doing an official BL Hawkgirl as well. I imagine we're going to be seeing a lot of these toys. (C'mon BL STeel & Vibe two-pack!)