Thursday, September 3, 2009

Original Hawkman Page from Flash Comics #97 By Joe Kubert

Continuing on the Golden Age streak for this week, we have the fourth installment of original Joe Kubert art from Flash Comics #97.  You can find the previous three pages here, here, and here.

Our heroes have found their efforts to fairly futile, as the bad guys get away and herd up the hostages, taking them inside a strange dome.  Luckily, they forget to lock the door, leaving the Hawks easy access!  Below, we learn that the so-called "aliens" are actually the last survivors of the lost continent of Mu, which sank beneath the ocean thousands of years prior.  

This page is not as flashy as the previous one, but it does showcase Kubert's storytelling strength.  You could very easily strip the lettering out of this page and still get the gist of what's going, which is always a plus in sequential storytelling.  Plus, Shiera looks pretty stacked in that first panel!  Yowza!

Much much thanks to Doug Zawisza of Doom Patrol blogging-fame for hooking me up with these pages!

Image: Page 5 from Hawkman feature in Flash Comics #97, 1948, Joe Kubert, provided by Doug Zawisza.    

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