Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Waiting In The Wings -- 9/23/2009

Any Hawk-stuff shipped to our local comic shops this week?  Let's take a quick peak.

Wednesday Comics #12 -- The finale to DC's superior summer series should wrap things up for Kyle Baker's Hawkman strip, which now features the King Of the Seven Seas as well.  (Makes you wonder: with two cameos in this edition, if there is a second edition of WC, will Aquaman rate a feature?)  This series has been a ton of fun for me, as I am right in the target audience, I think.  In the coming weeks, I am hoping to do a wrap-up review of the entire Hawkman story here, which should be interesting reading all at once.

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Saranga said...

I ended up really liking the Hawkman strip. Manliest thing I'll have read all year.