Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Joe Kubert Doing New Hawkman Work?

In Comic Book Resources' article talking to Joe and Adam Kubert about their exceedingly cool Sgt. Rock strip from Wednesday Comics, we find this juicy little tidbit:

CBR: We've talked about your history with the character. Do you love coming back to work on Sgt. Rock, whenever you get a chance?

Joe Kubert: Once I really concentrate on a character, if it's on my table that's what I'm working on, I have a tendency to block out everything else. For instance, I just finished a Hawkman cover. And I'm doing a Hawkman story for a book that I'm going to be editing and putting out from DC. So right now, it's all Hawkman.


CBR: Can you tell us anymore about that Hawkman project?

JK: Well the cover I'm doing is actually a request from [DC editor] Wil Moss, who is working on something with Hawkman, Superman and some other heroes. The Hawkman story I'm doing is for one of a series of books that I'm doing for DC. It's going to be a 48-page anthology and I'm going to have guys like Sam Glanzman and people of that ilk, who are going to be working on it with me. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm going to be writing, drawing, editing. I'm putting together this book for DC and it's going to be called, the tentative title anyhow, "Joe Kubert Presents." My purpose of it is to put out the kind of book, I like to read.

It's going to be six issues and we probably won't see the first one until I finish at least four of them so I don't trip over my own feet as far as deadlines are concerned. I would guess it would probably be out some time next year.

With apologies to Perry White, Great Caesar's Ghost!  Kubert working on a Hawkman story, well, that's just awesome in and of itself.  But the project he describes, a 48 page Hawkman anthology, with various artists working on it, that sounds jaw-dropping.  (Sam Glanzman, for those who don't know, is an old school artist, best known to me for his work on the various War comics he worked on over the years, including the classic "Lonely War of Willy Schultz" feature over at Charlton.  Would it be too much to hope for Shelly Moldoff?!)  Really makes you wonder who else would fall under the "Joe Kubert Presents" headline -- Rock?  Tor?  Viking Prince?   Definitely need to keep my ear to the proverbial ground with this series.

Kubert, of course, was the first and (along with Murphy Anderson) the definitive Silver Age Hawkman artist, so the idea of him doing a cover for a new series/story/feature with Hawkman in it suggests to this Silver Age-addled fanboy that somehow, someway, Katar Hol is coming back.  I am not really familiar with Wil Moss, but maybe we will hear more about this this week out in San Diego?  

In any event, no matter what develops or transpires for the Winged Wonder in the current DCU, it is always great to see one of his most beloved creators taking another shot at him.  I'm champing at the bit wanting information now.

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