Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hawkman Pin-Up By Ty Templeton

Today's sketch comes from Ty Templeton, who is well known in the comic book field for his work on "animated" style comics such as Batman Adventures and various titles for Bongo Comics.  He also has done Mature Audiences woork such as his graphic novel Bigg Time, and first come to prominence for Stig's Inferno.

Our sketch isn't really a sketch per se -- more like a pin up page from The Superman-Batman Magazine (you can see additional pages from this magazine here and here).  But that doesn't make it any less sweet.  Adding to the sweetness is that this is clearly a post-Hawkworld Katar Hol-style Hawkman, and longtime readers will remember that the first Hawkman comic I ever purchased was Hawkman v.3:no.1.  I especially like the lack of pupils inside the helmet, the broad chest, and the sleek metallic wings.  The chin stubble really makes it for me.  This dude is so bad he doesn't even shave!

Disclaimer: I do not own or have possession of this sketch.  It is being reposted from the cited website only.

Image: Hawkman pinup, 1994?, Ty Templeton, retrieved from Comic Art Community.

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