Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Read: Hawkman v.4:no.12

Issue: Hawkman v.4:no.12 (reprinted in Hawkman v.2: Allies & Enemies)
Title: "The Darkraven"
Published Date: Apr 2003
Generation: Modern Carter
Retcon Status: In Continuity

Summary: In the Himalayas, Hawkman thinks back to some of his past lives, but is quickly jogged back to the present day, where the bizarre bird-man called Darkraven is trying to avenge the death of his lover Helene Astor.  While Hawkman tangles with Darkraven, Hawkgirl tries to grab the Absorbascon which turned Helene to stone in the previous issue.  When she touches it, there is a flash of light from the alien deivce, but that is all.  Kendra then dives into battle with her partner, and the two are able to beat down Darkraven -- just in time, too, as the fighting is causing the cavern to collapse, and the heroes get everyone out safely.

With the group in the Thanagarian ship, heading home for St. Roch, Speed Saunders says his goodbyes and skydives out, seeking new adventures.  Back at the Stonechat Museum, Kendra and Carter have a heart-to-heart.  It seems that the Absorbascon may have restored Kendra's memories of her past lives!  But, she does not want to rush into anything, and the two agree to be friends as well as partners.  Their moment is ruined, however, when the room is stormed by the DEO, who have a warrant for Hawkgirl's arrest on charges of murder!

Meanwhile, elsewhere in St. Roch, we see that the death of Helene Astor has not slowed down Hath-Set, who's spirit also inhabits that of Kristopher Roderick...

Review:  The Yeti storyline wraps up in fairly satisfying fashion here, although the fight with Darkraven is somewhat abbreviated in order to fit in the stuff back in St. Roch.  That's alright though, as I don't think Darkraven really was much of a threat to either of the Hawks, let alone both of them smashing him at the same time.  Johns has a lot of ground to cover here and does so in a way that is not too rushed but not too relaxed either.  And anytime you can work in one of my favorite superhero cliches ("You are under arrest!"), that makes me happy.  Rags' work is, as always, standout, and here he gets to flex his muscles not only with action but also a good deal of quiet conversation, all of which looks great.  

One thing: why does Kendra grab the Absorbascon?  Didn't she just see Helene Astor turned to stone?  Maybe she got tired of Carter's yo-yoing of her emotions and thought being a statue more appealing!

Image: Hawkman v.4:no.12, 2003, Andrew Robinson.

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