Friday, December 12, 2008

Upcoming: DCUC Hawkman

Here is one I have been waiting for: Mattel's DCUC Hawkman.  Amazingly enough, though I have purchased several toys in this line for other people, I do not own any of them for myself.  It looks like this is going to change once Wave 6 comes out, featuring the Winged Wonder here.  The rest of the Wave includes Captain Marvel, Killer Moth (!), Mister Miracle (with a Doctor Impossible variant), and Mullet Superman (with Black Suit variant).  The Build-A-Figure is Kalibak The Cruel, of all people.

Other upcoming DCUC toys tied to the Hawk mythos include The Atom in Wave 5 (though I am not sure if it is Ray Palmer or Ryan Choi), Dr. Fate both modern and classic, modern Hawkgirl, and Gentleman Ghost, all in Wave 8.  JSA teammate Mr. Terrific is also scheduled for that Wave.

Looks like it will be toy hunting season next year!  Oh well!

Image: DCUC Hawkman, retreived from

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, nice figure. The head sculpt is especially good, but the legs look a little short in comparison to the rest of him.