Thursday, September 4, 2008

Waiting In The Wings -- 9/4/2008

What Hawk-related stuff is coming out this week?  A fair question.

Adam Strange Special #1 -- Adam had a small cameo in the Hawkman Special, so I imagine the favor should be returned here.  I really want to think that Starlin has a plan for Hawkman, Strange, the other Starman, and all the rest.  The DCU could use a cosmic playground like Marvel has with Nova and GOTG, outside of the Green Lantern titles.  But we shall see!

Invasion! TPB -- I got your Secret Invasion right here!  The Dominators invade Earth, and Hawkman stands as one her defenders.  He's even on the cover, in a rare rendering by Todd MacFarlane.

Trinity #14 -- Hawkman and Gangbuster star in the backup, continuing the plot from earlier regarding the stolen artifacts.  I'd really like to read this but I can't afford to buy Trinity just for the backups, sorry!

Not a bad week, even if I'll probably only be buying one of 'em.

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