Friday, September 5, 2008

DC Minimates Hawkman and Hawkgirl

I got this adorably blocky pair a few weekends back, after getting the chance to play with them a bit at Adama's place when visiting Atlanta back in July.  Minimates are always attractive because of their small size and small price point, and these two are no exceptions.

Included in the set are Katar and Chayera, their wings, removeable helmets, and attachable hairpieces, as well as a flail, a mace, and a shield.  Each of the Winged Wonders stand about 2.5" tall at the top of their helmet wings, and have typical Minimate brick articulation.  The wings have very small ball joints, and plug into the back of each figure.  This is a very distressing task: the balls themselves are mounted on very tiny stems, and I was very concerned with snapping the ball off completely while trying to mount the wings.  In the end I managed to get all four wings in place with out damaging them.  *Whew!*  I decided to give the mace and shield to Hawkman and the flail to Hawkgirl.

The figures themselves are good likenesses of the Silver Age Hawks... well, "good" being a relative term here.  The colors are bright and vibrant, as they should be for this pair.  The wings are not the most visually impressive pair you will ver see, but they fit nicely on the small frames.  The accessories are a neat touch, although I wish they had come with two shields so each could have one.  The hairpieces are a goofy touch, but not unwelcome, as one could go sans-helmets and still display them very nicely.  Standing up is a bit of an issue thanks to the right-angled feet, but a little patience and a lot of balance goes a long way.  

I had purchased some Minimates before (namely the Iron Man vs Doctor Doom set), so I knew what I was getting with these two.  I am very happy that I got this set, as it only put me back about 10 bucks, and is a very fun pair of figures.  DC and Marvel have lots of Minimates at this point, so if this sort of thing looks neat to you, chances are you can find some of your favorites.

Image: DC Minimates Series 5 Hawkman and Hawkgirl, retrieved from DC Direct.


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