Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Waiting In The Wings -- 9/17/2008

What Hawkman related stuff is available this week?  Let's take a look!

DC Universe Decisions #1 -- One imagines that Hawkman would show up in this one, if only to give Green Arrow grief.  I am still trying to wrap my brain around this idea ("Hey, I know... let's take the most iconic superheroes in the world, beloved by millions, and polarize HALF of each of their audiences!  It's brilliant!"), which seems so monumentally ridiculous that my mind is boggled.  

Rann-Thanagar Holy War #5 -- Back in outer space, Hawkman, Adam Strange, and their allies fight against laser-beam wielding dinosaurs and other beasties.  Still waiting for the trade on this one.

Trinity #16 -- Hawkman, I imagine, will be in the backup, which continues to bug me since I don't want to spend the money on this title for the backup.  I am really hoping for a collection of some kind.

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Anonymous said...

Wow.......that does sound like a terrible idea. We had finally STARTED to get away from Ollie as super liberal jerk and Carter as neofacist conservative jerk. I really like GA when he's way out in left field, holding the line with the most extreme liberals, and I never cared for the 'voice of the establishment' Hawkman. They are both too smart to be that blind to moderation, not to mention that these HEROES wouldn't treat their friends (or even teamates) the way they do in those stories.