Monday, September 22, 2014

Image: Reader's Hawkman Tattoo!

Got home from a family trip to the beach yesterday and found this email sitting in my Inbox:

Good morning

Greetings from a regular reader of your blog. Been enjoying your entries.
Thought you would appreciate a fan's effort - just had it done less than 24 hours ago. This is the just the first selfie taken immediately after the 5 hour session (ow ow ow ) - Will ask a buddy to take a better photo at a later time.  And will send that also.

Keep up the good work, you and the rest of the super bloggers
Angson (call me anson without the "g")
Toronto Ontario Canada

Wow!  Awesome stuff right there!  I have never had a tattoo, though my brother has several.  I cannot imagine a 5 hour session in the artist's chair, though -- yikes!  But, I have to say that the results are all right there in the work, though.  Hawkman looks a little worse for wear with all of the arrows through his wings, but you know that he's just biding his time to beat down hie foe.  I am not 100% sure but I am pretty certain that image is from the early days of Volume 4, where the Hawks and Green Arrow tangled with the Spider in St. Roch.  Am I close?

Thank you so much for sharing, Angson, and I hope you get tons of compliments on your fantastic new ink!

(This is really unrelated, but Angson's sign off makes me think of Lance Storm's classic "Calgary... Alberta, Canada!" line.)

Image: Hawkman tattoo, 2014, image (and arm) provided by Angson.

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