Friday, August 23, 2013

Justice League of America to End Spring 2014, Move To Canada!

So, among all of the debate regarding Ben Affleck playing Batman, this little tidbit snuck out of FanExpo Toronto -- Justice League of America is ending in the Spring of next year, and will be replaced by the Jeff Lemire written Justice League of Canada.

Uh... huh. It's right here on Newsarama.

No word on what will be happening with the existing cast, so I don't know if Hawkman will be sticking around north of the border or not.  I can say that without a shirt on, he might get a little cold, since it is unclear if the Nth Metal would still keep him warm like it did pre-New 52.

More intriguing is the announcement of the return of one of Hawkman's traditional allies, making his debut in the New 52...

Granted, they are creating at least one brand new Canadian hero for the series, as well as bringing one lost hero into the New 52 for the first time - now as a Canadian - Adam Strange.

Adam Strange!  Now that I can get behind!  Making him Canadian is no big deal in my book -- we all know that Adam's "real" home is Rann, so swapping his nationality is not a big deal to me.  I am just happy to see him make a come back.  Under Lemire, I imagine that the space hero will get a chance to shine, as he seems to have a knack for tertiary characters as we have seen in Justice League Dark.

So what do you think of this news?  Intrigued, baffled, or maybe a little of both?


Count Drunkula said...

I wonder if the first issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE CANADA will offer variant covers for every province (or territory or… hamlet?) in Canada.

I'm nervous about reintroducing Adam Strange based on how the New 52 has treated some other characters recently, but I guess I trust Jeff Lemire enough to give it a shot.

Luke said...

I'd buy an Alberta cover! That's a great idea!

If any of the main New 52 scribes were going to bring in Adam Strange, Lemire is the best bet besides Johns. In what I have seen of the JLD, he likes odd characters, and Strange is a man out of time in this day and age.

Sean Koury said...

Being Canadian, I'm thrilled with this. :)