Friday, August 30, 2013

Bought: Joe Kubert Hawkman Trade Paperback

Popped into my LCS this week in order to pick Collider #2, after discovering that the name had been changed to Federal Bureau of Physics, which is just plain strange.  That not withstanding, I also perused their 50% off table, now more reasonably appointed with short boxes full of trades instead of the previous "piles of crap" look.  Besides digging up 6 volumes of Sandman (leaving me with only 2 more for the full run... woo, the 90s!), I also found this little gem!

Featuring 6 issues of The Brave And The Bold, this volume collects Joe Kubert's work on Hawkman in the Silver Age, all of which are written by Gardner Fox.  Of course, I have all of these issues in collected form already (in the, ahem, essential Showcase Presents: Hawkman v.1), but for a measly $10, getting these stories in color was a must-buy for me.  These early tales, besides being downright gorgeous of course, set the stage for the Silver Age Hawkman.  We also get the debut of the Shadow-Thief and Matter Master, plus classics like "Earth's Impossible Day" and "The Creature of 1000 Shapes!"  No way to pass this one up.

Image: Hawkman trade paperback, 1989, Joe Kubert.  


Count Drunkula said...

I didn't know this existed but that looks awesome! I, too, have the Showcase Presents trade, but getting these issues in color would be nice.

So it collects Hawkman's appearances in B&B before he got his own Hawkman title, yes?

Luke said...

That's correct; the only TB&TB appearance from this period not collected is the Aquaman team-up "Fury Of The Exiled Creature" from #51, which was not by Kubert. After these 6 issues, Hawkman popped up in The Atom, then was a feature in Mystery in Space (Murphy Andersonon art) plus the aforementioned Aquaman team-up, then moved over to his own book.

I had seen the image of this cover before, but never seen the actual book in person. So it came as a big surprise to see it staring back at me randomly in a box of 1/2 off trades in a store I have shopped in for 7 years and not seen!