Friday, August 23, 2013

First Look: Justice League of America #7.3: Shadow Thief

The seemingly controversial Villains Month will fast be upon us, and to help hype the series of one-shots focusing on the baddies of the DCU, DC has released a series of previews for them.  The one of primary interest here at Being Carter Hall is Justice League of America #7.3: Shadow Thief.  Here's the two preview pages:

Interestingly, looks like Shadow Thief is going to be tangling with a Thanagarian Wingman or Warrior... her origins were terrestrial in the pages of Savage Hawkman, so I am curious as to how she is connected to them.  She is trying to root out aliens on Earth after all...

So what do you think about this upcoming spotlight on Shadow Thief, or on Villains Month in general?

Images: Justice League of America #7.3: Shadow Thief preview pages, 2013, Chad Hardin.


Juss said...

It seems that in DC's mind the Shadow Thief is still somehow connected to Hawkman's world. This is quite positive regarding Hawk-connections and a continued presence for him, at least as long as someone in editorial likes ST and keeps her active.

Aelle3 said...

I thout it was a bit sad that we lost Carl Sands, seemed to be a fairly recognisable Hawkman villain in terms of the greater DCU. But this looks like it could be fun, art is great as well.