Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Savage Hawkman #19 On Sale Now!

Hey everyone, I know it's fun to goof off on the Internet, but Savage Hawkman #19 is on sale are YOUR local comic shop right now!

It's "WTF" time as Hawkman takes on Blockbuster! By DeFalco, Bennet, Thibert, and the rest of the crew, this one promises to be a knock down drag out. Blockbuster looks a little like a mix of is old self and Simon Stagg's manservant Java, but he should look fantastic fighting against the Winged Wonder in this book.

You can check out a preview right here! This is the final issue before the blowoff in #20, so check it out!

Image: The Savage Hawkman #19, 2013, Joe Bennet.


Count Drunkula said...

Aw, man!!! Now I really want to read Hawkman fighting Java, especially the way Neil Gaiman wrote him in the Metamorpho strip from WEDNESDAY COMICS.

Juss said...

I like the presentation of Hawkman on the cover—big, bold, active, and colorful. I'm sorry the title will be ending (again, until next time), but hoping for some good Hawkman moments in JLA.

Luke said...

@CD, I'm with you! Let's see that fight in JLoA, DC! (I need to cover Wednesday Comics at some point, I really dug that series!)

@Juss, Sometimes I think that the main reason DC gives Hawkman the chances that he gets over other characters is that he remains one of the most visually awesome characters in their pantheon, and this cover is just another example. Onward and upward!