Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Savage Hawkman #3 Incoming

Well folks, my box from DCBS has shipped, which means I should have my copy of The Savage Hawkman #3 in my hands shortly.  As previous, I would expect a quick review followed by a more in-depth post.  Very much looking forward to this issue and seeing where things go from where we were last time!

A lot of folks on the Internet seem dead set on declaring the New 52 a failure or otherwise point out the mistakes which DC has made.  And  don't get me wrong, there have been some big stumbling points so far on the relaunch.  But on the other hand, the New 52 has reignited an excitement in me for characters who I had either cooled on, were reading more out of routine, or never really considered.  I mean, I am excited every month for a new issue of Wonder Woman and Hawk & Dove!  The Flash is firing on all cylinders again in a way it hasn't done in almost a decade!  Aquaman is one of the best selling comics on the stands!  There are two new, monthly War comics!  For all the things DC is getting wrong, I swear to Synnar that they are getting a lot of stuff right as well!

Sometimes it pays to take off the cynical cap for a while and put on your mark out hat, folks.

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Juss said...

I agree. Though I'm not buying many new titles, I've at least been interested enough to look. I'm buying Wonder Woman for the first time, *ever.* And just last week, on all the positive press it's gotten, I picked up the first 3 issues of Flash all at one go--and loved it. I haven't been this happy getting and reading that title for a long, long time.

As for Hawkman, though I don't really care for the slow pace and constant teasing (without significant revelations) of the current storyline, even Tony Daniel, in a recent interview with CBR, seems to be aware that the current tone isn't top-flight, and has promised much better for the 2nd and 3d arcs. I certainly hope so--and that Philip Tan learns to show much better use of Hawkman flying!