Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Imaginext Hawkman... Just Out Of Reach!

Target, why do you torture me?!

I was at Target yesterday and took this photo of their Imaginext display case, a plastic half cylinder which holds all of the Imaginext people you can buy... along with some you cannot, like this Hawkman! Arrgh! It's RIGHT THERE! LET ME GIVE YOU MONEY FOR IT!

At this point I'm down to either trying to talk to the manager of the department into letting me have it when they take it down or breaking into the case and taking the damn thing. Which I would never do... yes... never do...

Image: Imaginext Hawkman, 2011, From my cellphone.


allaboutduncan said...

Picked up the Hawkman/Flash 2-pack for my 3-year old for Christmas last week. Target had just stocked and they had only one. First time I had seen it - other than the display.

Mr P said...

A few months ago Target was selling the Imaginext Green Lantern (the one who comes with the translucent green jet) that was also packaged with the Flash and Hawkman.

Sometimes it's nice having young children to spontaneously buy gifts for.

Diabolu Frank said...


Here's an artist I thought you might like: