Monday, December 12, 2011

Funko POP Vinyl Hawkman

So I cruised over to Big Bad Toy Store this morning to check on the availability of my GI Joe preorders (as I have said before, I almost have GI Joe on the brain), and what do I see linked on the front page?  Hawkman!  So needless to say I had to click through on that, and now I have this cute vinyl Hawkman sitting on my Pile Of Loot, waiting to be shipped to my home (much to my wife's dismay I am sure).

I had seen these Funko POP Vinyl figures before, mostly at Target, but never had much interest in them because I don't need a funky statue of Captain America or whatnot.  But a funky statue of Hawkman?  Now you're speaking my language!

These guys remind me of Mighty Muggs (another line which was in desperate need of a Hawkman), and both of them remind me of the design aesthetic of the "Super Deformed" sort of candy and capsule toys which are commonplace in Japan, only larger.  Since I have a little collection of those as well (both in number and stature), this is not exactly a huge leap purchase for me.

Here's to more inane Hawk-merch in 2012!

Image: Funko POP Vinyl Hawkman (Artist's Rendition), 2011, image retrieved from Big Bad Toy Store.

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Mr P said...

Neat. I let my wife know about the Hawkman. I kinda wish Funko would do Hawkman and Hawkgirl plushies.