Monday, November 14, 2011

The Savage Hawkman #6 Advanced Solicit!

DC has released a preview of their February solicitations for most of their titles, including the one starring our very own Winged Wonder!  (Thanks to Newsarama!)

Art and cover by PHILIP TAN
On sale FEBRUARY 22 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
Hawkman comes face to face with Jim Craddock, a.k.a. the Gentleman Ghost, a malevolent spirit obsessed with finding an ancient relic called the Mortis Orb. Can Hawkman stop Craddock from using the power of the Orb to unleash hell on Earth?

Wow!  That's the new Gentleman Ghost?  Definitely a different take on the traditionally spectral foe.  I am guessing he is tied in with the zombies on the cover to #5?  The how and the why of this new "Gentleman" Jim Craddock definitely has me itching to read this story.  Readers of this blog will remember that Gentleman Ghost was one of my predictions for classic Hawkfoes who would show up in the new series sooner rather than later, and it looks like I was right on that front.

Philip Tan is really knocking it out of the park on these covers.  I'd really like a "Savage Hawkman Cover Gallery" special.  What do you say DC?

Also, James Bonney is once more credited as a co-writer with Tony Daniel.  How long will this collaboration last?  We'll have to wait and see!

Image: The Savage Hawkman #6, 2011, Philip Tan.


Diabolu Frank said...

Not keen on the redesign, but it is exciting to have a new Gentleman Ghost around to make an impression on readers.

Juss said...

I'm with Frank on the visuals, but I do like the Ghost as an adversary. My biggest concern is that what I liked best about Jim Craddock was when he was portrayed as someone of uncertain or unpredictable motives and loyalties; I thought that lent a soupçon of pleasant uncertainty to his relationship with Carter that few other heroes had with their foes. The present, zombified depiction seems to leave little room for friendliness or pleasant banter. But we shall see.

Luke said...

Well, his name is still, at least in the solicits, the Gentleman Ghost, so hopefully we won't lose out on the erudite, intelligent Craddock of old. You really can't be a complete monster and still be called "gentleman!"

The Irredeemable Shag said...

I had the same concerns as Joseph when I saw the cover. I hope they retain the "gentleman" part. If not, they really didn't think that through very well.

Also, since Carter was Hawkman prior to THE SAVAGE HAWKMAN starting, does this mean he's never faced Gentleman Ghost before? Interesting...

The Irredeemable Shag

Luke said...

@Shag, a good question regarding previous meetings of Hawkman and Craddock. I guess we'll have to wait and see. I wonder if this Mortis Orb is responsible for the Gentleman Ghost's more... fleshy appearance.